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Become A W.A.F.E. Member

W.A.F.E. Membership Application

Wisconsin Association of Fairs (WAF)

W.A.F.E. MEMBER FORM (WI Association Fair Enthusiast)

This membership is for those fair members who no longer serve on their fair board but wish to remain active in WAF. This membership will allow you to attend all WAF functions (with the separate registration fees), serve as a volunteer on WAF committees, and receive WAF correspondence. There are no voting privileges at the annual business meeting with this membership.

To be eligible for this membership, you must have been a member of a WAF Fair that is in good standing, attended at least one WAF annual convention, and completed the WAFE membership application. WAF will notify the member fair of your application and the WAF Board will review the application and make the final decision on membership approval. Once approved, WAF will bill you $50 for the annual dues which runs January 1 to December 31.The membership process can take up to 30 days for approval.

W.A.F.E. Member Contact Information

When answering the next two questions, you can type directly into the next two fields or you can cut and copy from Word. The field is limited to 300 characters.


Family, youth and community serving organizations trust the WAF Members to provide quality leadership and care for youth and community who are involved in fair sponsored programs. The opportunity to work with youth and community is a privileged position and should be held only by those who are willing to demonstrate behaviors that fulfill this trust. The primary purpose of this process is to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants (i.e. youth and community, their parents and families, salaried and volunteer staff). Fair and Associate Members are expected to abide by the following behavior standards and to conduct themselves as positive role models.

As a WAF Member I will:

Conduct myself with courteous manners and language, exhibiting good sportsmanship, serving a positive role model, treating others with respect, and demonstrating reasonable conflict resolution skills.

Abide by all local, state and federal laws and WAF rules, policies and guidelines.

Accept supervision and support by fair staff or designated management volunteers.

Make all reasonable efforts to ensure that programs are accessible to all individuals regardless of race, color, sex, creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental status.

Treat animals in a humane manner and teach program participants to provide appropriate animal care management.

Not consume alcohol in excess while responsible for fair related Association activities nor allow fair participants under my supervision to do so.

Conduct myself in a manner that is in the best interest of youth and community and will not use the volunteer position for purposes of private or personal gain.

Recognize that verbal, sexual, physical abuse and/or neglect of youth or community is unacceptable. Report suspected abuse.

The WAF Board of Directors has the authority to suspend or terminate WAF Memberships if Members do not abide by these expectations.

I agree to the terms and conditions
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