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Any entertainment-based Associate who wishes to “stroll” during the convention needs to pay a $200 strolling fee per act and does not include convention registration. Strolling may take place only during the times the trade show is open. Strolling takes place in the hallways outside of the trade show. Strolling forms are due November 15. “Strolling” is defined as any entertainment-based act that’s main purpose is to perform their act while moving through the grounds. Only acts that would normally stroll at a fair are eligible to stroll at convention.

In order to stroll at the WAF Convention, you must do the following:

  • Be a paid Associate member for the current convention year.
  • Pay a convention registration fee for each Associate member attending. (This registration fee covers all events that the convention offers except for the banquet, which is a separate fee.)
  • Complete the strolling application and pay the $200 strolling fee by November 15.
  • As part of your stroll, you are permitted to have a small table (no larger than a standard square card table) with your promotional items during the trade show hours set up in the adjacent hallway to the trade show.
  • You may not stroll within the trade show.
  • Associates may only conduct business from the confines of their hotel rooms and/or from their trade show booth or as a stroller during trade show hours.
  • Strollers may only be in costume during the trade show hours.

This is not an application to showcase on stage, but is required if you wish to stroll during the convention. You may also submit an application to showcase and/or participate in the trade show if desired.

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