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Our convention provides an opportunity for Associate Members to showcase their business at our evening receptions on Monday and Tuesday. Applications are due October 16, 2017.

There are two types of showcasing, Live Showcase and Video Showcase.
- Live showcase is available to acts/entertainment such as bands, dance groups, family shows, magicians, etc. that can fit onto a stage to perform. The showcase will be limited to 15 minutes. There will be specific times set-up preceding performance time and 5 minutes to tear down following performance. Acts must adhere to this scheduling.
- Video showcase is available to acts/entertainment that is too large for the stage such as animal acts, motorsports, hypnotist, or variety acts. Videos shown at the showcase are limited to 3 minutes in length and should be submitted in DVD format for view.

Only established booking agencies or individual acts that are in good standing with Wisconsin Association of Fairs (WAF) are eligible for showcasing. A member in good standing is considered an Associate who has paid membership through the two fair conventions prior to the year they wish to showcase. Agency or act must have Association dues paid in full for year in which it showcases. Live Showcase acts will be showcased only once within a three year time period (two years in between each showcase opportunity.) Video Showcase acts may be submitted annually.

For complete showcase regulations and an application form, please select the following PDF.

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