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Convention Theme

Wisconsin Fairs, Steeped in Tradition

The 2018 Wisconsin Association of Fairs Convention theme is: “Wisconsin Fairs, Steeped in Tradition”.

  • We are asking all convention attendees to dress in red, white and blue for the opening session on Monday, January 8.
  • At the convention kick-off on Monday, at 10:00 a.m., we will be doing a quiz of fair traditions. We are asking all fairs to complete a short survey for quiz materials. Please see the link below. The questions are listed below, so you know in advance and can discuss with your fair board. Quiz answers are due December 1.
    • 2018 Steeped in Tradition Survey
      • What is your Fair known for? Any traditions?
      • In what year, was your Fair first held?
      • Who was the most famous visitor to your Fair?
      • What is the strangest thing that ever happened at your Fair?
      • Anything else we should know about your Fair?
      • Does your Fair have a slogan? If so what is it?
  • We are asking all fairs to decorate a teapot and bring it to convention. We will have them on display for the opening session and then also used as centerpieces for the banquet. So bring a teapot, that won’t be going back home with you. You can find teapots at thrift stores for very reasonable prices. We are asking that you decorate your teapot in a format that best represents your fair. We will have ballot judging for the most creative and the most traditional. The winners will be announced at the business meeting on Wednesday. Please RSVP by December 1 using the link below to let us know if your fair will be bringing a teapot.
  • Lastly, we’d love your fair to share a photo of something that shows tradition at your fair. We will use these photos throughout convention. Let your imagination run wild, but please only send a copy. Photos can be e-mailed to info@wifairs.com by December 1.
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