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Convention Theme Centerpiece Reservation

The 2022 Wisconsin Association of Fairs Convention theme is: “Back to the Future". We are asking all fairs to decorate a centerpiece using the convention theme and bring it to convention. We will have them on display for the opening session and then also used as centerpieces for the banquet. The winners will be announced at the business meeting on Wednesday.

We are asking that you decorate your centerpiece in a format that best represents your fair and the convention theme. There will be two types of judging, People's Choice Ballot and a Panel of Judges.

A people’s choice ballot is included in everyone’s convention registration packet.

The panel of judges will look for the following:

  • 40 points: Use of theme, “Back to the Future (feature your 2022 Fair Dates)
  • 35 points: Originality
  • 25 points: Fair name

Size restrictions are not to exceed 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft tall.

Please RSVP by December 31 using the link below to let us know if your fair will be bringing a centerpiece.

Centerpiece Participation

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