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Fairs: Convention Registration Pay by Check

Thank you for registering for the Wisconsin Association of Fairs annual convention which will be held at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, January 5-8, 2020.

This form is for those fairs registering for convention that need to pay via check. Paying via check requires a few more steps than simply paying via credit card. Once the form is completed and you select the "submit" button, WAF will receive your registration and an invoice will be generated with your total due via e-mail.

If you are the primary contact for your fair and have the login information, please log in. Your registrations will be saved to your account for future review. If you do not have the login, your information will still be received, just not linked to an account.

The maximum number of people you may submit per form is ten people. If you have more than ten people, please submit an additional form.

Fair Contact Information

ALL CONVENTION ATTENDEES ARE EXPECTED TO ADHERE TO THE WI FAIRS, INC. (dba Wisconsin Association of Fairs) Member Code of Conduct.

By checking the box, you are acknowledging that you have read them and your fair members will follow them.
I agree to the terms and conditions

Attendee 1

Attendee 2

Attendee 3

Attendee 4

Attendee 5

Attendee 6

Attendee 7

Attendee 8

Attendee 9

Attendee 10

Convention Registration Recap

Please enter the quantity for each item. All members participating in the convention are required to have a convention registration.

Convention Registration Early-Bird
Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2019
Convention Registration Free
*This is for WAF Board Members and special guests.
Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2019
Convention Registration Children Ages 6-12
October 1 - November 15, 2019

Banquet tickets do not require a convention registration. All tickets are reserved seats and will be distributed at the registration desk during convention.

Banquet Early-Bird
Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2019
Banquet Free
*This is for WAF Board Members, past WAF Presidents and their spouse/guest.
Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2019

Thank you in advance for any sponsorship you are able to contribute. Your sponsorship allows us to keep our registration costs at a minimum.

If your information is complete, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red "submit" button on the lower left hand corner.
Congratulations, you are almost done!

Once you click the "submit" button, your registration information will be sent to the Wisconsin Association of Fairs. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your registration details. WAF will then generate an invoice with your total due and send via e-mail. We ask that you submit your check payment within 14 days of receipt of the e-mail purchase invoice.
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